Washed Rind

Allow a minimum of half an hour at room temperature prior to serving a washed rind cheese. Keep the accompaniments simple as the flavour of the cheese is quite complex. To encourage first time users of washed rinds, it is recommended to taste only the centre of the cheese without the rind. The flesh is sweet and nutty and there is no hint of the wildness of the rind.
Enjoy Washed Rind cheese with:
  • toasted fruit bread or rye
  • hazelnuts
  • apples
  • sultanas
  • pears
  • A washed rind cheese that doesn't smell suggests it is low in flavour and is yet to ripen
  • The riper the cheese is, the stronger it will smell
  • While the aroma may seem strong, the flavour will be mild and subtle
  • Look for a red/orange rind with an earthy barnyard aroma. When cut, a washed rind should ooze or bulge
  • Store the cheese in its original wrapper or in waxed greaseproof paper
  • Keep it in the warmest part of the refrigerator
  • Freezing is not recommended
  • Depending on its level of maturity washed rind cheese will store for one to four weeks
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